Striped Dolphin

Stenella coeruleoalba

Striped dolphins are often seen in mixed-species groups with common dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar. Full-grown individuals have a size of around 2 m and weigh about 100 kg. When in captivity, striped dolphins refuse to be trained.

  • Presence in the Strait of Gibraltar: all year round
  • Other names: euphrosyne dolphin, whitebelly, blue-white dolphin, Meyen's dolphin, Gray's dolphin, long-snouted dolphin, Greek dolphin, harnessed dolphin, black-jawed dolphin, Gray's porpoise, Gray's long-snouted porpoise, streaker porpoise, streaker, white-belly porpoise, streaker porpoise
striped dolphin

Interesting Facts

Suborder: toothed whales
Family: Delphinidae (dolphins)
Size: 1.8–2.5 m
Weight: 150 kg
Diet: fish, cephalopodes, crustaceans; 10–15 kg/day
Status: not endangered

Distinguishing Features

  • dark back
  • white belly
  • blue stripe on the flanks
  • falcate dorsal fin
  • flukes with slight notch