Fin Whale

Balaenoptera physalus

The fin whale belongs to the suborder of baleen whales and is the second largest animal on our planet (after the blue whale). It swims up to 300 km per day reaching a speed of 37 km/h. The fin whale is able to pass the Strait of Gibraltar within an hour in order to reach the Mediterranean population, which comprises 3,000 to 7,400 animals.

  • Presence in the Strait of Gibraltar: all year round
  • Other names: finback, finback whale, finner, common rorqual, razorback, herring whale
Fin Whale

Interesting Facts

Suborder: baleen whales
Family: Balaenopteridae (rorquals)
Size: 18-25 m
Weight: 30-80 t
Diet: krill, fish, cephalopodese; 2000 kg/day
Status: critically endangered

Distinguishing Features

  • dark grey or brown back
  • white belly and underside of the flippers and flukes
  • often a bright chevron behind the head
  • small, sickle-shaped dorsal fin in the back third of the body
  • narrow, high blow (4-6 m)