Common Dolphin

Delphinus delphis

Common dolphins are energetic acrobats and one of the fastest of all cetaceans. They can reach a maximum speed of 65 km/h. These dolphins have 80-120 small conic teeth in each jaw, with which they can hold their slithery prey.

  • Presence in the Strait of Gibraltar: all year round
  • Other names: short-beaked common dolphin, saddleback dolphin, criss-cross dolphin, hourglass dolphin, cape dolphin, common porpoise, white-bellied porpoise
common dolphin

Interesting Facts

Suborder: toothed whales
Family: Delphinidae (dolphins)
Size: 1.7–2.4 m
Weight: 130 kg
Diet: fish, squid; 10 kg/day
Status: Mediterranean population critically endangered

Distinguishing Features

  • dark back
  • hourglass-shaped pattern on the sides (yellowish in front, grey in the back)
  • white belly
  • falcate or triangular dorsal fin
  • flukes with concave trailing edges and slight notch