The season 2020 has ended

The summer holidays are over and Tarifa's streets have been empty since the beginning of September. We have therefore also closed down for this year.

Despite the short season we had many special sightings. We hope that the situation will become normal by the next season and can't wait to take you out to see the whales again from the 26th of March 2021 on.

See you soon in Tarifa, Katharina Heyer and the firmm team

The course was fantastic!

Text and photos: Gijs Bruijnzeels

From July 27th until July 31st 2015, I have joined firmm for the whale watching course. The course was fantastic!

We started with a small tour through the old town of Tarifa and a short introduction into firmm on a Sunday evening. Also, we got introduced to the other participants. On Monday, the whale watching started. With each trip, we have been successful. We were able to see pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins on pretty much every trip; we have seen the killer whales three times (out of the five trips we made to see them) and one sperm whale and a group of striped dolphins.

Seeing these cetaceans is an amazing encounter, and these encounters are guaranteed in my experience. The trips are supported by a great crew on board, who indeed live up to the motto of “Respectful Whale Watching”. Katharina gave us a class about the marine life in the Strait of Gibraltar, the problems the whales encounter, the challenges firmm has when it comes to preserving this marine life and something about the whales themselves.

I learned a lot, saw so many whales and met fantastic people. This was an experience of a lifetime and I would recommend this to anyone who is up for a life-changing adventure!


Gijs Bruijnzeels
The Netherlands


Jumping dolphins Fluke of a sperm whale Two orcas Pilotwhales 

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