Testimonials of our guests

On this page you can read reports and impressions of former course-participants and guests on our boat trips. You can also write about your own experiences and send us your report about firmm and the whales and dolphins using this form.

Impressions from Sonja and Nina

On recommendation we came across the foundation firmm and its founder, the Swiss Katharina Heyer, who impressed us with her life story and commitment.

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Impressions by Marianne Vuilleumier

Yesterday I was out again, with firmm, in the middle of the Strait of Gibraltar. It was April 23rd, my birthday! As always, I was hoping to see dolphins and whales – and secretly, of course, I hoped to possibly find a sperm whale, as these gentle giants migrate here at this time of the year. What happened then surpassed anything I had ever imagined!

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Impressions of my one-week course

On Saturday I immediately went whale watching for the first time. The orca trip was a success, because we had found the orcas within an hour. It was amazing to finally see these animals in real life. 

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The course was fantastic!

We started with a small tour through the old town of Tarifa and a short introduction into firmm on a Sunday evening. Also, we got introduced to the other participants. On Monday, the whale watching started. With each trip, we have been successful. We were able to see pilot whales and bottlenose dolphins on pretty much every trip; we have seen the killer whales three times (out of the five trips we made to see them) and one sperm whale and a group of striped dolphins.

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A "School" of Dolphins at Tarifa, Spain

Having come across a breaching fin whale photo taken at the Strait of Gibraltar on Facebook last year, I started to search for a whale watching spot in the area. This is how I came across a one-week programme organized by Foundation Firmm, a Swiss based research organization founded for promoting the conservation of whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar.

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