Update: The torn cable and its consequences

by firmm Team

Sebastian Fritz, Foto: Thomas Brückmann

As reported by the regional Online-journal Tarifaaldia, an encounter between the operator of the torn undersea-cable REE, the mayor of Tarifa and the fishermen took place on the 27th of January 2017. There had been confirmed that during the incident on October 14th 2016 around 33 cubic metres of cooling agent leaked into the Strait of Gibraltar.

As claimed by REE there is no evident danger for the environment as a result of this pollution. This cooling agent is biodegradable oil that disappears in the water within 24 days, according to the newest version of REE.    

Therefore REE rejects the initially assumed connection between the rupture of the cable as a possible cause for the decline in fish stocks, as suggested by the fishermen. However it seems to be important for REE to calm the situation and so it showed itself ready to use financial resources. According to the Online journal ciudaddetarifaalminuto REE promised, in the “sense of good neighbourhood”, to finance an already long-planned scientific research of the fish grounds.

On the same day however, REE reached the second place in the annual negative price “ATILA” of the environmental protection organization AGADEN in Algeciras. REE received this as a consequence of its cover-up tactics and non-transparency in terms of the impact of the cable-rupture.  

Article Tarifaaldia (in Spanish):


Article ciudaddetarifaalminuto(in Spanish):


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