The season 2020 has ended

The summer holidays are over and Tarifa's streets have been empty since the beginning of September. We have therefore also closed down for this year.

Despite the short season we had many special sightings. We hope that the situation will become normal by the next season and can't wait to take you out to see the whales again from the 26th of March 2021 on.

See you soon in Tarifa, Katharina Heyer and the firmm team

They are still here!

by firmm Team

Sperm Whale fluke

Text: Christine Photos: firmm

On the 21st of August, the day started with a grey sky. When our boat left the harbour punctually at 10 am for a three-hour trip, it was still very cloudy, but the sea was nice and calm.

On this trip we wanted to look for the Orcas where the Moroccan fishermen are. Since we had last seen them on August 3rd and there are fewer sightings of Orcas every year, we did not have too much hope to see them. But after only a few miles we saw a large fountain of breath - the blow of a Sperm Whale! That was a nice start into the day! We headed for the blow and could admire the whale extensively before it started its next dive and showed us its fluke as a farewell.

When we met the first Moroccan fisherman, he was already waving heavily and pointing west.

We assumed that he wanted to draw our attention to a certain fishing area and followed his advice. And indeed, shortly afterwards we met hundreds of Moroccan fishing boats, and among them a family of 9 Orcas eager to steal their share.

Happy to have met the animals again after 17 days without them, we returned to Tarifa and prepared for the next trip.

In the meantime, the sky was bright blue and we confidently headed straight for the Orca area. This trip exceeded all expectations - among the 11 animals we met were Camorro, the matriarch, Lucía and her calf Estrella.

They offered us a wonderful spectacle; the photos speak for themselves:

Once the whole family had eaten their fill of tuna, they left towards the west.

We are happy for all guests who were lucky enough to take part. We hope that everybody else will soon be able to enjoy similarly beautiful encounters in nature. The Orcas were also seen on the following days and we hope very much that they will stay for a few more days.

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