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The Sperm Whale Sightings continue

by Katharina Heyer


The next time was marked by Sperm Whale sightings. Although an infinitely long period of Levante-wind, with wind forces up to Beaufort 8, interrupted the successful encounters. Not even the big fast ferries to Tangier were able to cross the Strait. We asked ourselves of course, if these raging torrents would drive the Sperm Whales away.

Meanwhile it was May. With high expectations we continued our tours. After some “normal” sightings of Pilot Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins, we once again spotted 4 Sperm Whales.One especially attracted our attention, because he has a white spot underneath the fluke. It is an extremely big Sperm Whale, and we almost have the impression that it could be a pregnant female. We gave him/her the name White Spot. He is also recognizable by his size, even when he is resting quietly on the surface and without seeing his fluke. We have seen him in the meanwhile already a few times.

Right side of White Spot on the 5th of May   Tail fluke with white spot  Left side of White Spot from the 6th of May    Fluke with <span>white spot</span>  

A film-maker from Germany was even able to film him with a drone from above and we hope that that video will show us even more of White Spot. We will provide the link in our next newsletter.

 Fernando with drone 

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