Pure Emotions

by firmm Team

Text: Sabine Herrnegger Fotos: firmm

“Pure Emotions” – that was the motto of one of our last two hour tours.

What a surprise: shortly after we left the harbour of Tarifa we suddenly saw a blow on the surface of the water. On board of our new boat “Vison” we got closer as fast as possible and Katharina happily shouted out through the microphone: “I have a surprise for everybody: a fin whale!” Our guests were delighted watching the giant coming up and going down again and again and you could feel all the emotion in the air. “There are two of them” Katharina then told us enthusiastically. “Wow!”, “Mira, mira”, “Ohhh!” – Everyone was thrilled.

Finnwal BlasFinnwal Blas


Finnwal Finnwal

And as if that were not enough there was another surprise waiting for us: “Orcas at 11 o’clock!”

Normally we find the orcas swimming between the Moroccan fishing boats in the Strait of Gibraltar. But because of the absence of the fishers the animals had decided to look for pray somewhere else and swam further into the Strait.

We had amazing moments and could even watch them hunting and eating. All in all it was a perfect trip and there could barely have been more emotion. Our guests were speechless: “Fin whales and orcas at one trip, what a day!!” The crew and the volunteers were totally impressed as well. This tour we will certainly remember for a long time.


Orca mit ThunfischOrca

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