Our animals available for adoption in spring 2019

by Katharina Heyer

Text: Katharina Heyer, Photos: firmm

Pilot Whales

There are considerably more sightings of Pilot Whales in the Strait of Gibraltar this spring than in recent years. We observe numerous new families, strikingly many mothers with juvenile Pilot Whales, even with several newborns. So again with a so called “Baby Toni”. But we also have seen many of our well-known animals.

Right at the beginning of the season on April 3rd, we saw Lola, the injured female Pilot Whale. She survived the winter well and her wound on the dorsal fin seems to be scarring. In her proximity is once again Gorro, with its easily recognizable broad dorsal-fin. Both of them are travelling in one big family.

I am always very happy when we see Baby Hook again after the winter. On April 9th, we saw her, together with Edu and Pedro in their usual group.

On the 12th of April, it was Franzfin, whom we saw with his large family of ten animals, even with a new-born.

The 14th of April, we saw again the trio, which we know well from the last years: Fernando, Dientes and now the third also got a name in the meantime. We call him “Lupin”. But now even a fourth animal has joined this small family.

On April 16th, we observed Johnny and Sierra together in the same family. In this group we were able to observe a mating on the 21st of April.

Like last year, Nina and Oliver often travel together. They are to be seen alternately with various families.

Nuevo is still rather shy and hard to recognize. .

We also saw Pomares, the big male, on the 3rd of April. He is easily recognizable by the injuries on his back.

Since the 16th of April, we also see Ponce regularly. Since recently he has an abrasion on his dorsal fin. Besides, he always stands out because of his big size.

Vicenta,with her large back injury, is still alive. She is now swimming in a school of eight animals.

Willy is often to be seen close to the boat, mostly in a family of five, together with a juvenile. .

Bottlenose Dolphins

Among the Bottlenose Dolphins we often see White Cap, Lolly and Cutty. All three are always on the move in large families of 20-40 individuals.

We have also seen Puzzle and Salto. Especially Salto is the reason for the enthusiastic cheers of our tourists. He is the favourite of all the kids in the boat.

On May 5th, we saw a huge group of Bottlenose Dolphins with over 50 animals. There were two little babies, so yet another “Baby Leila”.

Sperm Whales

We also had the chance to see some Sperm Whales from near and far, diving down in slow motion. Once one of them even appeared only 20 meters beside the boat. We assume that it was Observador.

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