Eventful week despite Levante! (from the diary of Katharina)

by firmm Team

Sunday, 20th of April:
Though it was raining heavily, a 12 person film team of the MDR (mitteldeutsches Fernsehen), travelling through Andalusia, visited us on Sunday. The TV crew was filming the travels of an elderly actress Ilse Bähnert who, as the climax of her trip, stopped in Tarifa to go on whale and dolphin watching expeditions with firmm .

Team MDR

Arrival of Daniele Grieco, producer of the documentary 'The whales in the Strait of Gibraltar', Stellamaris Film with Kathleen Herbst, his camera-woman.

04.22 04.22

Monday, 21st of April:
Katharina accompanies the film team to Morocco to the two new bays, which presented themselves untouched in the twinkling sun.

DSCF0117 bearb DSCF0119

DSCF0106 DSCF0121

Arrival of Rösli's Carreisen. Rösli Dönni was the first bus tour operator from Switzerland that attended our whale and dolphin observation courses with its guests.

Rösli Ankunft

Tuesday, the 22nd of April:
The MDR team and the elderly lady "Ilse" met at the harbor for a spectacular trip.

Gruppenfoto firmm MDR

Since it was high tide when we left, we sailed directly into the high waves of the "Vasiante" (especially high waves created from the change from high to low tide). We had to go through these waves in order to reach quieter waters. Ilse flipped out totally when she saw a dozen large dolphins putting on a show, all of their free will and pure joy of life!

Tuesday, the 22nd and Wednesday, the 23rd of April:
The participants in our courses and also the group of Rösli had two wonderful sunny days with four trips with the boat and a great number of sightings of dolphins and whales.

Arrival of Felix Karrer, camera-man of Swiss TV, who we immediately took to sea with us.

04.23 Felix Karrer

04.23 04.23

Thursday, 24th and 25th of April:
Because of the Levante, the cheerful group heard lectures from Jörn and Katharina and they took part in the excursions in the sand dunes of Bolonia and at low tide also to the rocky coast of Tarifa.

Felix Karrer with the camera and Ruth Zweifel (Journalist and Photograph) accompanied the group.

04.25 04.25

04.25 04.25


Felix Karrer filmed for Swiss Television´s Spezial "Fernweh" which is going to be broadcasted in July and August.
It's about the Mediterranean Sea and the programme starts with the Strait of Gibraltar. Katharina and the Team were interviewed.
We´ll be curious to watch it!

Karrer auf Boot

Foto: Rolf Zürcher

('Fernweh' is most probably going to be broadcasted on the July 8th, 20:50h)

Saturday, the 26th of April:
Farewell to Felix Karrer and Rösli's group


04.25 04.25

Rösli will come back to Tarifa again in the first week of May 2009 with her 5-star bus from Horgen (Switzerland).
Information: Tel. 0041 79 820 50 50
We are already looking forward to another cheerful group!

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