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The coronavirus is raging everywhere and so unfortunately we also cannot start into the new whale watching season on April 3rd as planned. We will inform you on our website and on Facebook, as soon as an end to the crisis is in sight and we know when we can sail out again.

Stay optimistic and healthy!

All the best, Katharina Heyer and the firmm-team

Animals available for adoption – Spring 2016

by Katharina Heyer

Fotos: firmm

We all were waiting with great expectations, how the whales and dolphins would have survived the wintertime and which acquaintances we would meet again. On the first tour we were greeted by Bottlenose Dolphins with high jumps, waving with their tail flukes and looking curiously out of the water. This one must have been Salto, as such powerful high jumps we only know from him.


Even Loly was there and came trustingly very close to the boat. In the same big group also White Cap was swimming.

Loly White Cap 

With the Pilot Whales, which we already had seen a couple of times, were some of the animals available for adoption: the first acquaintance was Gorro, a big male with his three females and one young. Exactly how I remembered him.

The next day we saw Nina with her young, who had many cancer-like epibionts on her

Gorro Nina and calf 

Franzfin, Edu and Pedro followed the next day.

Franzfin Edu Pedro 

On another trip we discovered Baby Hook, Sierra and even Zackzack, three well-known females.

Baby Hook Sierra Zackzack 

On Easter-Sunday we were accompanied by Fernando and Dientes, the two swimming always together like in the year before.

Fernando Dientes

Seeing so many acquaintances in such a short time, makes me really happy. We will search for all the other animals as well and we will keep you updated.

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