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  • Season review 2018

    In the season of 2018 Tarifa showed itself from its mild side.

  • Sightings of the animals available for adoption 2018

  • About the wisdom of children

    From the end of March until the middle of November many people came to us to do a whale watching tour, including many children.....

  • Marine biological excursion in Tarifa

    In the early summer of 2018, a group of students from the University of Basel set off for Tarifa to get to know marine biology characteristics on the coast and in the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • Families

    While we sail out, I’m reflecting quite content on the last week as a volunteer at firmm

  • One day full of Orcas

    The orcas accompanied us a little further through autumn.


  • Three amazing days

    The title is a total understatement. What happened here in the Strait of Gibraltar is unbelievable or incredible, no it is a sensation!

  • Sensational trip in October including surprise

    October 11th should be a very special day. Despite heavy rain in the morning we decided to plan two trips around noon and in the afternoon.

  • What a spectacle of the common dolphins!

    On the 24th of September 2018 we had once again Levante, very strong east wind, one of the normal challenges here in Tarifa in the Strait of Gibraltar and there were definitely no trips possible to see the whales and dolphins.

  • The Orca season 2018

    The killer whales are one of the undisputed highlights of all whale watching trips.