The season 2020 has ended

The summer holidays are over and Tarifa's streets have been empty since the beginning of September. We have therefore also closed down for this year.

Despite the short season we had many special sightings. We hope that the situation will become normal by the next season and can't wait to take you out to see the whales again from the 26th of March 2021 on.

See you soon in Tarifa, Katharina Heyer and the firmm team

firmm Kids

You like whales and dolphins? Then you've come to the right place! In our learning materials you can learn a lot of interesting things about these animals. Have fun!

Learning material to print out

The firmm-learning material is suitable for children from 9 to 99 years. There is something for everyone. Discover the world of whales and dolphins with your family or school class.

No matter if for a project week at school or a rainy weekend at home - we have prepared exciting topics for you. Just pick out what interests you the most. In the worksheets you can collect all the information you need and use it to create your very own whale booklet.

You can download our materials free of charge as PDF file:

Download learning materials as PDF

Learning materials on whales and dolphins (approx. 15 MB)

Also have a look at our online topics!

You can find quizzes or explanatory videos to complement some of the topics from the download materials. Have a look around and click through the following online topics:

A whale is not a fish

Are you sure a whale isn't a fish? So what is the difference between whales and dolphins and fish?

I want to find out!

Whales and dolphins

What kind of whales and dolphins can be observed in the Strait of Gibraltar? What do they look like?

I want to find out!


From which animals do whales actually descend? How did they adapt to life in the sea?

I want to find out!

Foundation firmm

What is the purpose of the foundation firmm and what are its activities in the Strait of Gibraltar?

I want to find out!

Our book recommendations

Here we would like to recommend two more projects for children that deal with the topic of plastic waste in the oceans.

Ford the sock

Ford die Socke – Bildergeschichte für Kinder

In the stories of Jorge Voss (translation/layout Lilian Stross) the lonely sock Ford experiences many adventures. Together with firmm the picture story “The sadness of a whale is deeper than the sea” came into being! It vividly introduces children up to the 3rd grade to the topic of environmental pollution through plastic waste. With the help of the lovely drawings children tell the story about Ford and the Sperm Whale Observador on their own and thus deal intensively with this important environmental topic. Parents/teachers will find a short summary of the story and information about firmm at the end of the booklet.

Further information with example pages, ordering options and free worksheets for the booklet are available on Ford's website:

Kids for the Ocean

Buch: Kids for the Ocean

Teachers and parents of pupils from about 10 years of age are encouraged to read the book Kids for the Ocean by Anne Mäusbacher. With many questions to research, the pupils deal intensively with the topic of plastic waste. Among other things, they find out how plastic endangers the ocean, why it also affects our health and what we can do about it.

The inspiring research tasks with background information, graphics, and suggestions for websites and videos are an excellent guide for teachers who want to address this urgent topic in class. But the book also contains great ideas and solutions to the plastic flood at home - so it's equally recommended for families who want to make a difference.

Further information and ordering details can be found at