Observador always gives us the impression that he's watching us, not the other way round. That's why we gave him the name "Observer". He is extremely curious, and stands out due to two special behaviors: He often circles around the boat to see everything from close up or he swims past our boat within a short distance.

When he's got enough oxygen, or his curiosity is satisfied, he dives down near the firmm-boat in slow motion, where we see his enormous fluke disappear almost close enough to touch.

Adopt Observador

Through research and information we want to draw attention to the situation of the dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar and contribute to raising awareness. Thank you for supporting us with a symbolic sponsorship!

This is how we have experienced Observador since the beginning of our adoption program:


Observador got his name because he was curious and often approached the boat or even swam all around it. He swam towards us and then immediately changed course and continued along the boat.This way we could observe his huge body from very close.


This year Observador was only briefly in the Strait of Gibraltar. He came close to the boat again and looked around curiously. But already the next day he was not to be found any more.


Observador has been here several times. He is still quite curious and slowly swam towards our boat. When he went down in slow motion, it was always a cheerful moment on the boat.


There were once again several encounters with Observador. He is still quite curious and slowly as usual swam towards our boat. When he went down in slow motion, clapping and cheering started on the boat.


Observador we have seen this season only on the 3rd and 26th of May. As it is his habit, he came close to the boat to dive then leisurely and majestically. He always causes applause and great excitement among the guests on board.