We know Gorro since June 7th, 2010. He is a big and robust Pilot Whale, about six meters long. We can identify him well by its cap-shaped fin.

Gorro is a dominant animal and the protector of his group. His sheer size alone allows him to be seen from a distance. He has brought us many unforgettable moments with his wonderful character.

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This is how we have experienced Gorro since the beginning of our adoption program:


We see Gorro quite often. He is a proud male with a large family.


The family of Gorro was often the first group we met. His straight dorsal fin is also visible from far away. He has a new tiny notch.

His family consisted mostly of 2 females and a young Pilot Whale.


His family seems to have grown, for last year he was together with at most two others. This summer Gorro has mostly been with four other Pilot Whales.


Gorro can be seen from afar. He is an impressive Pilot Whale and has no problem getting close to the boat.

This summer we have always seen Gorro together with his family of four to five Pilot Whales.


Thanks to his cap-shaped fin, we can identify Gorro from a distance. We have noted him over 50 times, making him one of the most frequently encountered Pilot Whales.

From June this year on he attracted attention as a constant companion of the badly injured Lola. He seemed to protect her and assist her. If we sighted Gorro, then Lola was always to be found in closer vicinity.