Symbolic adoptions for whales and dolphins

With a symbolic adoption you help us to advance our research and education projects in Spain.

We already know some of the whales and dolphins that live here very well, and through them we have gained a better insight into the life and social behaviour of these animals.

With your help we can achieve a lot.

With the help of the animals presented here, we want to draw attention to the living conditions of all marine mammals present in the Strait of Gibraltar. Because careless human behaviour affects the animals more and more. Please also read the research report on injuries written by our marine biologist.

How can I adopt a whale or dolphin?

For only 75 EUR (the price includes a 5 EUR service charge) per year you can become a sponsor and support our work. Simply choose an animal and fill out the adoption form.

As a sponsor you will receive:

  • a certificate with the name of the sponsor plus photos of the adopted animal with background information
  • a firmm-present
  • one free ticket for one person for one observation trip to the Pilot Whales and dolphins (unlimited validity)
  • information material and the firmm newsletter, so that you don't miss a thing

An adoption is also an ideal birthday or Christmas present for all dolphin friends!

Our adoptions

On the following pages you will find more information about the individual animals and the adoption form.

We offer adoptions for the following species:

Pilot Whale adoption

Based on our Pilot Whale research, we have known some animals for many years and have found out a lot about them. Go-getter, protective, reserved - which trait appeals to you most?

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Dolphin adoption

Bottlenose Dolphins often delight us during the trips with their acrobatic jumps. We are worried about the fact that the groups are getting smaller and smaller. Take over a sponsorship for these cheerful animals!

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Sperm Whale adoption

The biggest threats to Sperm Whales in the Strait are collisions with ships and food shortages. In 2013, a Sperm Whale with 17 kg of plastic in its stomach stranded on the Spanish Mediterranean coast! Let's give the animals a voice!

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Orca adoption

The Orcas in the Strait of Gibraltar suffer a lot from industrial tuna fishing, which is gradually depriving them of food. With your help, we could inform the competent authorities in a better way.

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