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Adopt a dolphin, orca, pilot or sperm whale

Pilot whales, sperm whales, dolphins and orcas in the busy Strait of Gibraltar need your help. By adopting one or more of them you directly help to protect whales and dolphins. The adoption of a pilot whale, sperm whale, dolphin or orca costs only CHF 60.- or  € 50.-  a year! Adoptions can also be purchased as a gift.

Your donation is used solely for our research and information projects in Spain.

Your adoption pack consists of:

  • Personalised adoption certificate & pictures and information featuring the adopted pilot whale, dolphin or orca
  • A firmm-present
  • Free ticket for an observation-tour to see whales and dolphins for one person, unlimited validity
  • Information material and firmm-Newsletter

Yearly donation: CHF 60.- or  € 50.-

You can cancel your subscription at any time without stating reasons.