Whale Watching Courses

bottlenose dolphins

From April to October, we give you the opportunity to meet the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar during our courses (1 week) and learn more about these animals.

firmm has two main objectives: finding out more about the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar and providing information about the importance of protecting the oceans and their inhabitants. We hope you will leave us full of enthusiasm for both of these goals.


You will go whale watching once or twice per day. Thanks to our experience, we have a 99 % success rate in finding whales.

Tarifa is famous for its strong winds, which might make boat trips impossible at times. In that case we offer interesting alternative programs, such as lectures on marine mammals by our marine biologists, excursions to the sand dunes, to the cliffy coast just off Tarifa or to a cork-oak wood with a waterfall.

The program is subject to alterations (depending on the weather). There will also be enough time for you to explore Tarifa and its surroundings.

Whales and Dolphins

Four species of dolphins can be seen throughout the year: common dolphins, striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, which strictly speaking do also belong to the dolphin family. From April to July, sperm whales can be observed in the deeper waters of the Strait. In July and August, we even offer some longer excursions to watch orcas near Tanger. With a little luck, we might also see fin whales. For more information on the several species, please check out our section on whales and dolphins.

Course Dates 2019

One-week courses 2019
08.04. - 12.04. 15.04. - 19.04. 22.04. - 26.04. 06.05. - 10.05.
13.05. - 17.05. 20.05. - 24.05. 03.06. - 07.06. 10.06. - 14.06.
17.06. - 21.06. 01.07. - 05.07. 08.07. - 12.07. 15.07. - 19.07.
22.07. - 26.07. 29.07. - 02.08. 05.08. - 09.08. 12.08. - 16.08.
16.09. - 20.09. 23.09. - 27.09. 30.09. - 04.10. 07.10. - 11.10.

How to get to Tarifa

by train: destination Malaga or Algeciras and from there by bus to Tarifa

by airplane: destination Malaga

In Malaga or Algeciras, you can either take a bus to Tarifa or rent a car. On request, firmm can assist you in renting a car.

Board and Lodging

You can choose between different categories of accommodation which can be booked through firmm. Depending on the category of accommodation you choose, you can do your own cooking or eat out. The Andalusian cuisine offers a huge variety of food.

The prices for the course and accommodation are listed on the complete course material that you can download as PDF.

Weather, Clothing, Insurance

Generally the weather is nice and warm, but strong winds are very frequent. Therefore and especially for the boat trips you should bring a warm sweater, a wind-proof jacket, comfortable and sea-water resistant shoes, a sun-hat, sun protection, sunglasses and a camera if you like to take pictures (a 200 mm zoom lens is useful).

Please note that we are not liable for your personal equipment. We recommend to take out an insurance policy to cover yourself against possible claims.

Please mention any physical handicap on the registration form.