Whale Watch Excursions

Orca in front of firmm boat Vision
Orca in front of our boat

firmm starts the tours this year on march 23rd 2018! Till October we offer whale-watching-tours of two hours several times per day – in addition, in July and August we offer tours of three hours.

Before boarding we will provide you with valuable information on the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar. Our staff will also be at your disposal during the trip to give you even more information and to answer your questions.

Whales and Dolphins

firmm pamphlet
The firmm pamphlet with lots of information on whales and dolphins can be purchased from our staff.

Four species of dolphins can be seen throughout the year: common dolphins, striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and pilot whales, which strictly speaking do also belong to the dolphin family. From April to July, sperm whales can be observed in the deeper waters of the Strait. In July and August, we even offer some longer excursions to watch orcas near Tanger. With a little luck, we might also see fin whales. For more information on the several species, please check out our section on whales and dolphins.

You should always keep in mind, however, that we watch animals in the wild. Therefore we cannot guarantee encounters with the whales. Still, thanks to our many years of continuous photo identification, we know about the migratory behaviour of the whales according tides. Thus we have a 99 % success rate in finding whales.


To book a seat, just ring us 2 or 3 days in advance at our office in Tarifa +34 956 62 70 08. As sometimes boat trips might have to be cancelled due to bad wheather conditions (Tarifa is famous for its strong winds), we advise you to contact us again approx. one day before your excursion.

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Prices for 2-hour boat trips

  • Adults (14 years old or more): 30,- Euros
  • Children (6 to 13 years old): 20,- Euros
  • Children (1 to 5 years old): 10,- Euros
  • Babies (less than 12 month): free of charge

Prices for special 3-hour boat trips (possible in July and August)

  • Adults (14 years old or more): 45,- Euros
  • Children (1 to 13 years old): 30,- Euros
  • Babies (less than 12 month): free of charge