My wish to see Orcas has been fulfilled

Foto: Claudia Sager
Foto: Claudia Sager

Text: Claudia Sager

My desire to see wild Orcas brought me to Tarifa for a week in mid-August.

We "Studis" got on board the "VISION" eight times and were very happy with the fantastic sightings.

It started with several hundred dolphins, amongst them many cute calves. The next day we were more than happy, when we met a big group of Orcas, which moved majestically towards the Atlantic Ocean and even came close to the boat with their young ones. On further trips we could see all the resident dolphins and the Orcas again. Towards the end of the week the crew spotted the Pilot Whales. There were many. They moved leisurely, swam curiously to the boat, we could even observe a suckling baby. We got a lot of interesting information about the firmm foundation and the marine mammals. I felt the need to do more to protect the natural habitat of these animals. Furthermore, I am now the proud godmother of a Pilot Whale. I can recommend an observation week to everyone.

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