Perfect holiday - whale and dolphin watching course!

On recommendation we came across the foundation firmm and its founder, the Swiss Katharina Heyer, who impressed us with her life story and commitment. firmm offers whale watching trips and courses in Tarifa, the southernmost point of Europe. Together with my sister I finally used the last week of September to work intensively on the topic of whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar. The course was incredibly exciting and varied. Since the wind called Levante, which has a strong influence on the life in Tarifa and firmm's work on site, blew over the sea in the second half of the week and prevented trips from taking place, we were allowed to make 3 boat trips per day at the beginning of the week on Monday & Tuesday. The conditions were perfect and we could see common dolphins, striped dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales and even sperm whales. An unforgettable experience! A stormy tour on Wednesday followed, during which we were able to spot more dolphins in high waves, before we were able to enjoy a very exciting lecture by Katharina in the second half of the week as well as a coastal and a sand dune hike. This gave us even more information about the research work of firmm. The holiday was really perfect! Particularly the knowledge that sightings and trips cannot be guaranteed only makes the feelings of happiness after a successful trip even bigger! Moreover, Katharina and her team are very attentive to their guests and are perfectly organized. We will definitely come back! : -) Best regards Sonja & Nina

Nina und Sonja wunderschöner Strand

Grindwal Fernando Grindwale

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