Course Week September 2016

Text and Photos:Petra Lablans

The whale and dolphin watching course with the foundation firmm is an impressive and extraordinary experience with an addictive nature.

I enjoyed the week in September very much and I am sure that this was not my last course with firmm.
Even though the orcas were already gone (I was lucky and able to see them the year before on a trip - right at my first one: -) it was an unforgettable experience. We had wonderful encounters with the Pilot Whales, especially Baby Toni, who was always fooling around near the boat. Sometimes he jumped, then swam on his back and applauded with his fins.
I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it; it was so impressive and beautiful; almost magical. We also saw huge schools of dolphins playing in the evening sun. Bottlenose dolphins as well were often very close to our boat.

Every trip is different and even if it took sometimes longer until we saw something, we have actually always seen animals and the trip on the boat alone is always sooo beautiful!

Also the alternative program in case of too strong wind, we did the walk along the rocky coast with Jörn the biologist, was very interesting. I would like to express my special thanks and admiration to Katharina Heyer. A unique woman, I admire her energy and enthusiasm for the whales and dolphins. You can feel the love she feels for these wonderful animals when you see her looking out to the sea and when you hear how enthusiastic she talks about them. She knows so many individual animals. And what she has done there in Tarifa is, in my opinion, unique in this way. Anyway, I'm enthusiastic, I have adopted one of the animals and I have given adoption certificates as a present .I'm quite sure: I'll come back!

THANK YOU firmm for a wonderful week in Tarifa, the whole team is very helpful and friendly.

Dirk and Petra Lablans 

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