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  • Suggestions and advices - a guest poses questions

    Dear Daniela

    First of all thank you for caring about the welfare of our planet and that you contacted us with your question.

  • Special trips with sightings of the three „big“

    In the last days of June the local fishermen already told us, that they had spotted the orcas.

  • TARIFA: At the Mercy of the Wind...

    Every time I stay in Tarifa, there’s always someone I’ll surely meet more than once. It’s a bit strange: I can’t really see him, I can only feel and hear him.

  • Course-week with a Sternschnuppen family

    For many years already the Stiftung Kinderhilfe Sternschnuppe (a Swiss children’s aid foundation with the name “shooting star”) from Zurich or the Fondation Etoile filante from Lausanne enable families with children that suffer from a disability or illness to visit us.

  • Spring tour with firmm

    This season started with Levante- that is a strong wind, coming from the Mediterranean Sea and blowing through the Strait of Gibraltar. Because of it the sea gets rough; depending on the wind force the waves can be as high as 3 meters.

  • The Giants of the Sea… Almost Touchable!

    It looked like May 9th, 2017 was going to be a nice day in Tarifa: the sun was already shining in the morning and there was no breeze.

  • Everybody not present missed something big!

    After the Easter holidays the wind and the waves were mostly too strong to go on boat trips in Tarifa.

  • Back again in Tarifa

    After the long winter break we all returned to Tarifa and were waiting yearningly for the first encounter with the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar.

  • Impressions of the Book ‘Herzenssache’

    Hurray!! The Book Is Out!

    There was a waiting silence in the White Hall of Volkshaus in Zürich on Saturday, November 19th, 2016… Glistening eyes, shy smile, restrained voice… Katharina Heyer was obviously moved by the massive turnout, when she welcomed her family and supporters of firmm to the presentation of her book ‘Herzenssache’ on the stage.

  • 19th firmm-meeting on the 25th of February

    This year the hall once again was filled. Every single seat was taken.