Start of the new season on the 18th of June 2021

From the 12th of June, reservations for our daily boat trips can once again be made by phone or online. We look forward to our whale watching trips starting on the 18th of June.

See you soon in Tarifa, Katharina Heyer and the firmm team

firmm Blog

Tarifa: venue for a special sailing challenge

The GP-Challenge 2020 will start in Tarifa on August 28th. In our blog you can find out what it's all about and how you can experience the whole thing..

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Better late than never. Here we come!

It is important for us that people who come to us have a good feeling and untroubled joy. We want them to experience a carefree trip to the whales and dolphins, even or in spite of the difficult times.

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Ford the sock

Ford is a sock that lost his partner. But he does not know where. He finds out that nobody likes a single sock.

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22nd firmm meeting on the 22nd of February 2020 in Aarau

On the 22.2.2020 the annual firmm-meeting takes place for the 22nd time! Katharina starts the evening by welcoming the numerous whale and dolphin friends. 

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The 2019 season – a review

Our biologist Jörn Selling reports on positive and negative impressions during the past season. This time we have prepared his blog as a virtual photo album.

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Dolphins and whales as guests at a German TV channel

It was a glorious day at the beginning of August. For many days already the weather was at its best, automatically you begin to smile and shine with joy as soon as you look out of the window.

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A long-awaited new look for

Now, more than one hundred years later, firmm’s new website has just been given a boost.

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About the wisdom of children (part two)

This year I was surprised how many children told me that they have a book about whales and what they read in it, or that they did a project or a presentation about whales and dolphins at school.

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Review sponsored animals 2019

In this blog we report about the well-being of all the animals available for adoption during the season of 2019.

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Raising awareness of environmental protection at the school "Virgen del Sol"

On the 18th of October our marine biologist Jörn visited the school "Virgen del Sol" in Tarifa to inform the children about the plastic pollution on land and in the sea.

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