Here we go again!

From July 1st on we will sail out again to the whales and dolphins. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon and wish you already now a relaxing holiday. You will find information about the necessary hygiene and safety measures under observation tours.

See you soon in Tarifa, Katharina Heyer and the firmm team

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Dolphins in Taiji, Japan

Eyewitness account of a former course participant of firmm, Sonja Graesslin, from Taiji (Japan); Robin and Matthew

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Surprising evening trip

Orcas in front of Tarifa

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Humpback Whales in the Bay of Algeciras

On the 7th of August, as always, our captain Diego and the marinero Fernando picked up the boat in the fisher harbour to bring it to the pier. Suddenly and completely unexpected a large and a small whale appeared. The blow was different from what they usually knew; they were the lost “humpback whales”! Both had read about them in the paper but did not expect to meet these two poor animals in reality.

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Spectacular Start into the Orca Season!

Orcas larboard – Fin Whales starboard! An unforgettable experience. Unique moments with Orcas and Fin Whales on the same trip!

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My Life at Sea

My life at sea began when I was still very young, in 1990. At that time I started to work as a sea bream fisherman, since there were only a limited selection of jobs in Tarifa. Either you worked on land or at sea and I belong to a humble and hard working family of seamen, who know how to value what little we have.

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Extraordinary Sperm Whale Sighting

Never before in these 12 years have I witnessed a whale reappearing after diving vertically for the first time, to show its sensational submerging tail fin a second time to the guests!

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An Afternoon with Unexpected Encounters

On the 24th of April, after several very windy days we finally were able to pull out into the Strait of Gibraltar again. Of course everyone on board of the firmm-Spirit was really looking forward to the encounters with the dolphins and whales.

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A Successful Start for Easter

Just in time for Semana Santa the firmm Spirits inspections were successfully completed. Already a month ahead of the transfer of the boat from the winter shipyard in Barbate the crew had undertaken all major and minor improvements and brought the boat into top condition. Especially new are repairs to the bow: the opening in the front was quite damaged by scrambling passengers, so we built a strong and aesthetically pleasing new bow. This will also be beneficial and enjoyable for our course participants, who generally declare the bow as one of their favourite places … Wonderful that we already had guests onboard on the first day of the season.

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Whale-Watching-Season 2010 launched

Today we are opening our gates in Tarifa again. The first trip of the year will go out on the 27. of March.

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