Here we go again!

From July 1st on we will sail out again to the whales and dolphins. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon and wish you already now a relaxing holiday. You will find information about the necessary hygiene and safety measures under observation tours.

See you soon in Tarifa, Katharina Heyer and the firmm team

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Invasive Research - Part 2

Second chapter about invasive research in the Strait of Gibraltar, by Eleonore Op de Beeck.

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Invasive Research - Part 1

First chapter about invasive research in the Strait of Gibraltar, by Jörn Selling.

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It has almost been a week without seeing Orcas. The fishermen had not seen any either. But then on Wednesday evening we received a call from the tuna fishermen that Orcas had been with their boats during the day! So we had to change our plans and headout to look for Orcas. And what surprising days we were going to have….

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Between Orcas, Sperm whales and Fin whales

Everything is happening at the same time! Here we write about the exciting sightings of the last days and weeks.

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Of fishermen and ocean giants that „saved“ our trips

On Saturday the 14th of July we went looking for Orcas and other whales and dolphins with our two boats firmm Spirit and firmm Fly Blue full of passengers.

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Tuna above the water

Since two weeks we are observing the tuna on the water surface which is quite unusual. We can recognize them from far away by looking how the water moves: There are a lot of waves and splashing of the water and a lot of foam as well; sometimes a fin might come out of the water or we see shiny sparkles when they swim on their sides. When swimming very fast the tuna create a lot of waves and foam making people believe they are about to see dolphins instead of tuna.

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What a sperm whale day!!

Four boat trips were planned. From one trip to the next we could not be sure that next boat trip would take place, as the Levante wind was blowing through the Strait of Gibraltar.

Jörn was on the morning trips and Katharina on those in the afternoon.

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My impressions of a whale watching week in Tarifa

My impressions of a whale watching week with firmm in Tarifa. Article of Valentin Diethelm with a beautiful video.

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Start into the new season 2012

Start into the new season 2012 with beautiful pictures

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14. firmm-meeting in the culture and congress house Aarau

Summary of our 14. firmm-meeting, February 25.2012 in Aarau, with lots of pictures.

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