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The coronavirus is raging everywhere and so unfortunately we also cannot start into the new whale watching season on April 3rd as planned. We will inform you on our website and on Facebook, as soon as an end to the crisis is in sight and we know when we can sail out again.

Stay optimistic and healthy!

All the best, Katharina Heyer and the firmm-team

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Journey to firmm in Tarifa

I personally like the landscape between Jerez and Tarifa a lot

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The season 2014 – a review

In 2014 Tarifa showed its calmest side since 1998

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Our sponsored animals in the summer of 2014

Surprisingly often we have seen our animals that are available for adoption. Either from far away or trustfully near the boat

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Tour without Orcas

Although it was a detour I didn’t hesitate to go there, because we never know if we are going to find the Orcas at all

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Cheeky Pilot Whale-baby pretends to be the pilot

«Oh Hello!» sounds the pleasantly surprised voice of Katharina coming from the boat deck. What or who is this small grey shadow that is approaching us so determinately?

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The story of the striped dolphins

On the 22nd of may our ex-captain Andres told me about a school of striped dolphins staying already since may 21st very close to the coastline

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One day of somersaults

This morning (25th of September) felt as cosy as a cuddly pullover made of cashmere. With a warm tender morning breeze we left the harbour at 10 am

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Pink flamingo glory in the sky and a small slip of the tongue with happy end

On the 12 o'clock boat on August 21st 2014, we were lucky to observe rare guests in the Strait of Gibraltar

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Between Africa & Europe: The Ocean Love Story

The moment I landed in Spain in Malaga I could “smell” sunshine and good times ahead

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