The high point of our first "sundowner tour" on 31st May 2008: 200 Bottlenose Dolphins and 2 Fin Whales!

by firmm Team

After an extensive search we found 200 Bottlenose Dolphins that moved westwards and took their time to enjoy themselves around our boat. What a show with Spyhopping and Tailslapping, giant jumps in the distance and in front of the boat as well - and all this with a unique sunset! However, the high point of the tour had not come yet: on our way back to the port, at the same level as Tarifa Trafico, only about 2 km from Tarifa: 2 giant blows of 2 mighty fin whales that were swimming slowly towards the Atlantic Ocean. Their water-jets were mighty, white like snow they were shining in the shimmering sunlight. All passengers on board, even the children that used to scream and cheer before, suddenly became awesomly quiet.
To see these giants peacefully in the sunset was an experience we will never forget.

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