The first Fin Whales of the season 2008

by firmm Team

Jörn Selling Jörn web

My first boat trip of the season started with my favorites, the Fin Whales.
The day began with an emergency. The backboard machine did not start. The reason was a dirty grafting that was stuck in the Diesel pipe. The grafting had to be cleaned by sailor Diego and captain Sebastián, meaning that the passengers had to wait for 2 hours.
After leaving the harbor I could hardly believe it: We saw the little dorsal fin of a Fin Whale on the left side of the boat, about 700 m away. Then we could see a second whale which seemed to be the mother or the partner of the first one.
We drove next to the Fin Whales when Sebastian suddenly sighted a Sperm Whale who was shining in the sun, about 3 km away from us. Diego then sighted a second one. But the Sperm Whales were quite far away so we hoped to see them later.
Instead we spotted and observed some Pilot Whales and playful Bottlenose Dolphins. For the guests it was a wonderful experience. Perhaps without the mechanical problem causing the delay they would not have seen the rare Fin Whales.

F wale

Fin Whales

zwei-Pottwale web

Sperm Whales

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