The 10th season in Tarifa is over!

by firmm Team

We said goodbye to our dear whales and dolphins of this season with great melancholy:
to the Long-Finned Pilot Whale, the playful Bottlenose Dolphins, and the lively Striped and Common Dolphins. Up until the end of the season, Orcas and Sperm Whales pleased us with their extraordinary presence in the Straits of Gibraltar.
With about 270 sightings of Sperm Whales, 50 sightings of Orcas and 30 sightings of Fin Whales, we established 3 records.

In our 8th newsletter we report about some highlights of the past season. Jörn Selling tells in his review about the Fin Whales. He wants to track their trails more intensively in the next year. Michael Casanova got not only a chance to do more extensive research on Sperm Whales, but also tells of other activities in the Straits. Before bidding farewell to firmm, he reports about different visiting schools and film teams at firmm in Tarifa. We would like to thank "Casi" for his great dedication in the last 2 years and we wish him good luck with his new challenges.

Regarding Morocco, there is regrettably not much to tell. We hope to be able to tell you some news on our 10th firmm meeting in Aarau on the 26th of January 2008.

We´ve shared 30 entries about sightings and experiences with you, and we hope you enjoyed them. We will report again after the firmm meeting in February 2008. If something budges in Morocco we will inform you on our weblog ("click on news") .

Until then, wishing you all the best,

The firmm team

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