Tarifa: venue for a special sailing challenge

by firmm Team


On August 28th 2020 the adventurers Lars Kyprian and Rüdiger Böhm start in Tarifa to an extraordinary challenge.

Could you imagine sailing from Gibraltar to Palermo in 30 days? 3750 kilometres on a 5x2 meter sports catamaran? 10-12 hours a day? Regardless of the weather? Without legs? This is definitely not a relaxing holiday; this is a real challenge - even for passionate sportsmen!

Lars Kyprian and Rüdiger Böhm from Switzerland are rising to this challenge. They want to show "what is possible if you are prepared to constantly push your own limits". Rüdiger, who lost both legs in an accident in 1997, follows this slogan. The enthusiastic extreme athlete fought his way back to life and never gave up his passion. On the contrary, under the motto "No legs - no limits!" he is constantly looking for new challenges.

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We are pleased that the two have chosen Tarifa as the starting point for their new challenge. Be there live on the 28th of August and join us in saying goodbye to the team around Lars and Rüdiger. Accompany the adventurers via their live tracker and let yourself be carried away by the pictures and the enthusiasm on their following CINEMA-tour.

Especially in difficult times like these, such projects give us courage and show us how important it is not to give up, but to continue looking ahead. As Rüdiger says: "Challenge yourself. You will be surprised what you can achieve!" The man knows what he's talking about - he's setting the best example himself.

On the following pages you will learn more about the GP-Challenge 2020 from Lars and Rüdiger (German/English):

Webpage: https://gp-challenge2020.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gp_challenge2020/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwFcn5zz5Iywz0fuKP8p5OQ

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