Surprising evening trip

by Katharina Heyer

Text: Katharina Heyer, Photos: firmm

On time at 6 o’clock in the evening our new boat “firmm Fly Blue” cleared the port with many expectant guests on board. 15 minutes later “firmm Spirit” left the harbour as well with a huge group onboard. Who would have thought that this fifth tour of the day would outshine all previous sightings!

Just out of the harbour we spotted “Fly blue”, which was going westwards slowly. This meant that they had already spotted animals. And then we heard the excited voice of captain Diego already over the radio: „Aquí hay Orcas!“

Indeed, we saw them travelling westwards unhurriedly in front of the peninsula of Tarifa… What a view, the sword-like dorsal fin’s in front of Tarifa’s light house. Together with the twilight it looked nearly kitschy.

Orcas vor Tarifa Orcas vor Tarifa

Orcas vor Tarifa Orcas vor Tarifa Orcas vor Tarifa

At that moment nobody could guess that this would be the last encounter with the big killer whales this summer. More long excursions to the Atlantic side stayed unsuccessful in the following days so we couldn’t offer 3-hour Orca trips anymore. The Orca season this year lasted only one month, from July 12 to August 11, interrupted by longer windy stages.

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