Such an amazing day!

by firmm Team

Report and pictures: Katharina Heyer

April 22nd, 2009. The weather forecast indicated strong Levante for the next day. The signs could already be recognized: yellow stripes of sand on the horizon, crystal clear water and a lull in the wind. It could not be any better for our boat trips. The sightings were accordingly.

The Pilot Whales were relaxing on the surface or swam slowly towards the boat.

GW 042209 006

GW 042209 003

A whole family of Bottlenose Dolphins accompanied us for a long time on the bow. Apart from the usual jumps they showed something extraordinary. Through the crystal clear water we were lucky to witness two touching spectacles:

A Bottlenose Dolphin, pregnant in the last stage, basked her big belly in the sun on the surface and swam again in front of the boat, demonstrating to us that she would soon become a mother.

042209 034 Ausschnitt

042209 035 Ausschnitt

042209 020 Ausschnitt


042209 028 Ausschnitt

Then there were two young Dolphins romancing each other next to the boat. How elegant they slid through the crystal clear water, gently touching and obviously enjoying each other. They seemed to be nuzzling. Days such as this are real gifts!


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