Sperm Whales are here again !

by firmm Team

In the following days we sighted Sperm Whales whenever we went out with the boat. We assume that these 3 animals that are here now did not migrate during winter. The fishermen told us about Sperm Whale sightings and I saw two diving Sperm Whales from the ferry in January. But I don´t know if these two are the same we saw mating in July and August.

Text from Katharina Heyer, firmm

Pottwal beim-abtauchen web

Photos: K.H., firmm

On July 8th 2007 and August 2nd 2007 we observed Sperm Whales matings. Concerning the Sperm Whale sightings from the 8th of August 2007, Martina Herder from Berlin sent us some very interesting pictures.(Text from Katharina Heyer, firmm)

The pictures show matings, according to our biologists. On the pictures you can see the lower jaw and the fluke of a Sperm Whale who is lying on one side.
Now we are looking forward to seeing some Sperm Whale calves this year here in the Straits of Gibraltar!

offenes Pottwalmaul eng

Fluke Pottwal eng

Pictures Martina Herder, Text from Michael Casanova

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