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The coronavirus is raging everywhere and so unfortunately we also cannot start into the new whale watching season on April 3rd as planned. We will inform you on our website and on Facebook, as soon as an end to the crisis is in sight and we know when we can sail out again.

Stay optimistic and healthy!

All the best, Katharina Heyer and the firmm-team

Special trips with sightings of the three „big“

by firmm Team

Text:Brigitte,Fotos: firmm

In the last days of June the local fishermen already told us, that they had spotted the orcas. For the first time we saw them on the 30th of June on a two hour trip.Every year the joy is indescribable, especially when we spot, as in this occasion, many old acquaintances and we see that they are in good health.On this trip the orcas were far away from the fishermen, hunting and catching the tuna by themselves. One of them was Camorro, he was accompanied by Baby Wilson, which was curiously playing behind the boat.

Camorro Orca Male  

Later, on the three hour trip, we met Spanish and about forty Moroccan fishermen, accompanied again by Camorro, Baby Wilson and another male. We also met Lucia, the mother of a newborn, called Estrella.

Moroccan fishermen with tuna Sperm Whale off African coast Fluke of Sperm Whale 

The next day was dedicated to two other big whales. On the first trip four Sperm Whales were spotted, two on the second and four on the last. In addition two Fin Whales appeared unexpectedly just off Tarifa.They swam more slowly than usual along the coast towards Barbate and the Atlantic Ocean, in westerly direction, and therefore could be observed very well.

Two Finnwhales Big school of Striped Dolphins Lucía and Estrella 

These „big ones” were daily joined by schools of striped Dolphins, one time there were even around 300.

Lucía and Estrella 

Hopefully the good weather continues and we will be able to experience many of such trips.


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