Our new boat firmm-VISION

by Katharina Heyer

Text: Katharina Fotos: firmm

On 24th of June 2016 at 4pm we had our first tour with the VISION, after we had to wait with excitement until the lunch break if we would get all the licences from the Capitania (port authorities). It is unbelievable what you need nowadays to take a passenger ship into service. The VISION can take 110 guests on board, needs four boatmen, including one captain with a higher licence as we had until now and one mechanic.

Today we had difficult conditions, namely Levante 4 and the VISION was able to show, if the waves divide better in her bow and if the people get wet in front in a high swell. She has passed these tests with flying colors. Ultra-modern she glides with a quiet engine through the water, has a better protected propeller and the environmental friendly special paint ensures that no particle enters the sea An innovation in Tarifa. To the delight of our guests there are underwater windows that enable a special observation of the animals.   

Vision in front of the lighthouse Vision in front of the coast of Morocco

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