Orcas in Action

by firmm Team

On the trip from 2nd August between 13:30 - 16:00 we tried to find out if the Orcas were loitering around the fishing boats. So we went there directly and were positively surprised: There they were, next to the fishing boats - the Orcas! As the sea was quite calm we could observe them very well on their foray among the fishing boats. All of them were gathered and so we had the chance to observe about 30 of those giant predators on the prowl, separated in two groups.


Picture above: The Orcas are approaching the fishing boats. (Picture: Bernd Nies)

Suddenly we saw a fishing crew which apparently had a tuna on their fishing rod and they anxiously tried to get the tuna out of the water into the boat. We headed there right away and a few seconds later the Orcas showed up nearby. While the fishermen were trying to pull in the fishing rod faster and faster, the Orcas dove down in a distance of ca. 30 meters from the boat. We could see some bubbles ascent to the surface and we saw that there was no draw on the fishing rod anymore. The Orcas had ripped the whole tuna from the line, leaving behind the angry and frustrated fishermen on their boat. Afterwards an Orca showed up next to our boat and we could see the tail fin of the tuna in its mouth.

Such trips are very rare also here in the Strait of Gibraltar. The Orcas are seen quite often but to observe them during their meal is very special.


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