Orcas at last!

by firmm Team

Text: Brigitte, Photos: firmm

The long wait was definitely worth it. The first encounters with the Orcas this season were really spectacular. On August 2nd on the trip at 10.30 a.m. we were allowed to admire, already near Tangier, eight adult Orcas and a baby. They have also been close to the boat.

But the highlight was to follow on August 03rd and even made our crew cheer. Because our sponsored animal Baby Wilson was very high-spirited and was ready for big jumps. First further away from the boat and then, as a bonus and to the surprise of our guests, he repeated the spectacle again near the boat so that everyone could see it.

The little guy, who in the meantime is already six years old and thus has grown from a baby to a teenager, was mad with joy

and enthused the audience on the boat with his performance. Even our crew does not see this so often and so the cameras were quickly pulled out. Orcas jumping completely out of the water are indeed something quite extraordinary.

Wilson was accompanied by Camorro, the big male, some other adult animals and two calves.

We now hope for further encounters in August with the other Orcas known to us, such as the Matriarchin and Lucia with her baby Estrella.

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