One day of somersaults

by firmm Team

Text: Edeltraud Konradt, photos: firmm

This morning (25th of September) felt as cosy as a cuddly pullover made of cashmere. With a warm tender morning breeze we left the harbour at 10 am. The sun was already strong. The surface of the ocean was lightly ruffled, mirroring the sun.What a pleasure was the warmth and mildness of this September morning!

After a short while we spotted a big school of Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins, depending on the region they can reach a length of up to 4 meters. These Bottlenose Dolphins obviously felt the same way as we did: a great day to feel good! They jumped and jumped as if they were in a competition. Who can jump the highest?

Jumping Bottlenose Dolphin High dolphin jump 

Every somersault higher than the previous one, together, again and again. And because it has been so much fun, let’s do another one! There were different schools of Bottlenose Dolphins, they were everywhere we looked,  around the boat demonstrating their skills. Some of them approached and did their somersaults close to us: “Look at me!” they seemed to tell us.

Look at me Impressing somersaults 

We spotted also mothers with their little babies of different ages bow riding in front of the boat. Lightning fast the young ones approached our boat showing us their somersaults. A big cargo vessel passed by and the dolphins used the waves for surfing. Their jumps reached an unbelievable height: The animals flew up to 3 or 5 meters through the air!

Another school of Bottlenose Dolphins socialized with Pilot Whales. What a contrast: As always the Pilot Whales relaxed on the surface enjoying this beautiful day. Almost as if they wanted to tell us: what big posers are these Bottlenose Dolphins, showing off and wasting their energy instead of enjoying that amazing morning. The Pilot Whales in their way and the Bottlenose Dolphins simply in another kind of way enjoyed their day. For us on the boat it was a big pleasure to observe them and a perfect beginning of a new day.

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