OBSERVADORs welcome after the winter break

by firmm Team

Text: Katharina Heyer; Photos: firmm

On the afternoon trip on the 3rd of May OBSERVADOR surprised us. We know him as the only sperm whale that likes to come to the boat and observe us.

Also this time he was floating on the surface in about 50 meters distance at the side of our boat  and as I suspected it could be Observador, I announced through the microphone in all four languages that it was an approximately 18 meters long sperm whale which could be seen at three o'clock. He lifted his head and turned very slowly, taking direction on our boat.

Observador is heading for our boat ... and is getting closer 

Then he decisively swam towards the boat; in similar situations I wonder where and when he stops before diving down again. This time he didn't stop, but went straight to the back of the boat.

... and closer The blowhole very close 

When he was only about one meter away, he lifted his head several times, watched us very closely, began to contract and then dived down majestically.

He begins to prepare for the dive He's almost gone. 

The guests at the rear of the boat held their breath, our volunteer stood speechless with her eyes and mouth wide open. On the roof above even the captain had climbed out of his cabin and the three of us photographed the unique experience. Our adrenaline level had risen a lot and there was a festive mood on the boat. OBSERVADOR had greeted us properly after the winter break!

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