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Like every year this season we were also really looking forward to see the male orca Camacho and the female matriarch. These two are the older members of their whole family and therefore the main players in their community. You are able to recognize those two by their very special-formed dorsal fin.

Camacho 2003 Camacho 2004 Camacho 2004 

Camacho 2006 Camacho 2006, by Bernd Nies Camacho 2006 

Camacho-pod with quiet sea 2009 Members of the Camacho-pod 2011 Camacho, matriarch and calf 2012 

While we could watch the matriarch more often this season, Camacho was never along. Apparently Camorro took his place in the community instead. We have been watching him growing and he is probably the son of Camacho and the matriarch.

Orca couple with Camorro 1999, by Tom Forster Fishermen and Camorro 2000, by Tom Forster 2004 in front of Tarifa 

Camorro 2005 Camorro with pod members 2005 Camorro 2006 

Camorro with pod members 2006 Camorro 2007 Camorro 2011 

Camorro 2011 Camorro 2012 Camorro 2012 

We were afraid that something happened to Camacho, perhaps even dying of old age. Camacho has been known since firmm was founded in 1998 and we suppose that at this time he was 20 years old because his dorsal fin was already full grown. So now he must be at least 35 years old, a very good age, considering that the average age of a male orca is 30 years and the maximum age is 50.

Even though we really miss him, we are also happy that Camorro apparently took his place in the pack. We wish him a very long and successful life as well.

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