My belated birthday present on the 24th of July 2018

by Katharina Heyer

Fotos: Robert Glöckner and firmm

Although once again no orcas were seen on today's trip, our guests were already amazed by seeing several pilot whale families and a school of bottlenose dolphins.

When we were already on our way back to Tarifa, we got the late birthday present: A fin whale jumping totally out of the water!

And not only once, but three times, he shot out of the water so that all guests could see him well. Robert Glöckner succeeded in taking this incredible snapshot, which he gave me for my birthday later. Many thanks to Robert and to the cheerful Fin whale. It's almost a tradition that the Fin whales show up on my birthday and even jump high.

Photo:Robert Glöcknera giant splashFin whale back

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