Junta de Andalucia - Thumbs up for release of dolphin!!

by firmm Team

The little common dolphin that had stranded in Marbella and has been taken care of in the C.R.E.M.A. nursing pool, can be released! The Junta de Andalucia has agreed to the release suprisingly quickly. Now the minders are trying to get the dolphin used to bigger bits of fish. He is not only fed small bits of fish anymore, but whole fish. It can take some time, however, until the dolphin will eat living fish. No definite date for the release has been given at the moment, but the ground has been prepared. Let's hope that everything will work smoothly and that the young dolphin will be accepted by a group of common dolphins.



If everything is working out well, the small pool will soon be history and the little dolphin can again swim freely in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. (Foto: K.Heyer)

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