Joern satisfies the thirst of knowledge of the children of Bolonia and Tahivilla

by firmm Team

Text: Nina / firmm

Last summer a major fin whale stranded in the bay of Bolonia. The people living there and especially the children were very emotional about that. Katharina Hehenberger, mother of one of these children and former secretary of firmm, talked to the administration of the Public school "Campiña de Tarifa" and thereby made it possible that our marine biologist Jörn Selling was invited to present the marine mammals living in their environment to the children.

On the first day 31 attentive children listened in Tahivilla to the lecture about the whales and the dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar. On the second day there were even 63 children, all between 6 and 15 years old. The day started with the small children and ended with the juveniles.
All of them showed lively interest in the marine mammals and had a lot of questions. Moreover, they had the need to tell all their own experiences and knowledge to our marine biologist Jörn to learn even more about the animals.
The atmosphere was relaxed and funny, which was absolutely in our sense, because we believe that only by means of enthusiasm for the animals the children may be sensitized. All that according to
the motto of firmm: Only what I know and love, I am willing to protect.

We want to express our special thanks to Director Manuel Vaquero who is very involved in the exchange with local organizations and made it possible that firmm was invited into the public schools. We also express our high appreciation to the parents of the children who - by supporting such projects - prove their openness and willingness to support their children's interest in our environment and its creatures.
All in all these 2 days have been very successful and firmm has reached once more its aim of sensitization.



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