Impressive upbeat of the weekly course

by firmm Team

Because of the bad weather conditions the big firmm boat could only go out in the Bay of Algeciras the weekend and yesterday as well. Very often you meet big groups of common dolphins out there. On our first trip on Monday (07.08.) the participants of our course had the great luck to see one of the largest creatures of the world. They have been very close to a fin whale which just passed by in front of the bay. On their way towards the Atlantic Ocean they pass the Spanish coast. Besides some intuition you need as well some luck to observe these gigantic whales on its migration. -casi-

cachalote y rorcual 006

cachalote y rorcual 012

Picture at the top: the back of a finner with the small but distinct fin;
second picture: region of the head; you can identify the two blowholes in the front area (pictures: Diego Diaz)

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