Fin whale sightings on Mother`s Day

by firmm Team

Not only the mothers who participated on the boat trip but also the other guests had the pleasure of making a wonderful experience today on Mother`s Day. Soon we saw the first Pilot whales and then also Bottlenose dolphins appeared. They showed an active behavior and joined us nearly for the whole trip. One of their favorite activities was "fluking" - that`s the behavior when they stretch their tail fin into the air and seem to beck.

They interacted a lot with the thrilled passengers and sometimes even the cameras got a splash of water or two. They jumped around the boat and at times we did not know where to look. Suddenly - when we thought the peak of the spectacle was reached - the majestic back of a Fin whale appeared amidst the jumping dolphins. This happening definitely exceeded all our expectations and could not be topped anymore!
The Bottlenose dolphins acted as an indicator for the Fin whale's whereabouts, resp. where it would come back to the surface to breathe, as they were riding in its bow waves. We were following the animals for a period of time in an adequate distance, but close enough for gathering unforgettable impressions.

First we could see the blow from the 2 blow holes of the Baleen whale, then the giant back appeared with its sickle shaped fin. All of us fused breathlessly the gigantic marine mammal until it disappeared in the waves…and came back a little bit later for amazing us again. What an original present on Mother`s Day!

-Dorianne, Carine-


On the right side there is the Fin whale swimming and at the same time in front of the whale the Bottlenose dolphins are jumping.



All pictures: K.H. firmm®

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