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by firmm Team

Text and Photos: Dominik Aschenbrenner

A few weeks ago, we received an email from Dominik asking us to listen to a song he had written about Killer Whales. As the issue of dolphins in captivity is very close to our hearts, we were immediately enthusiastic about his music. In the following text he describes how the song came into being:

Orca under water

The term "Dreamtime" finds its origin in the mythology of the Aborigines of Australia.

Aborigines do not record their lives and thoughts in books but pass on important events from generation to generation by telling the Dreamtime legends. I wanted to translate the idea of this fascinating culture into the form of a song.

I usually feel the urge to reach for my pencil because of a deep emotion or after a special experience. That was also the trigger for "Dreamtime". In March 2018, my girlfriend and I travelled through Western Australia by car. After we had consciously decided against visiting one of the theme parks a few years earlier in the USA, we kept an eye out for sustainable whale-watching opportunities during the road trip. At first, however, we couldn't find anything that stood out from these typical entertainment trips.

Orcas in Western Australia

When we had almost given up, the opportunity arose to head out with a marine biologist in a small inconspicuous place we were just passing through. After eight hours of heavy swell, a whole pod of Orcas suddenly appeared in the distance. One of the Killer Whales seemed particularly curious, swimming under the boat, leaning a little to the side and looking us straight in the eye.

This moment burned itself into my memory so strongly and it simply would not leave me.

The more I became involved with the issue of cetaceans in captivity, the more critical I became of dolphinariums and similar entertainment facilities.

From this point on, the song writing process took a drastic turn. To further enhance the effect, I decided to tell the whole story from a first-person perspective. I am aware that a song cannot replace the electrifying encounter that encouraged me to change my thinking. Maybe in my own way I could contribute to raising awareness about this issue?!

You can listen to the song on YouTube under the following link: Traumzeit by Dommie Bars (

Since the song is in German, here is the translation of the lyrics:

We are telling stories from the Dreamtime.
Who knows if there'll be room for it for long?
For what they don't understand they will always hunt,
the last of their kind: Killer Whales (2x)

Indian tribes call me Blackfish.
Got famous on National Geographic.
I do my best, sell lots of tickets
and stuffed animals. I've had to suffer so much for it.

My bent fin, oh please, what do you think I feel.
The voice of the whales, our beautiful language drowned out by the roaring filter system.
What you hear are clicking sounds,
what we have left is only the view into the blue.
Now the rebellion is planned, the sound repertoire of my clan.

We are telling stories from the Dreamtime.
Who knows if there'll be room for it for long?
For what they don't understand they will always hunt,
the last of their kind: Killer Whales (2x)

We came out of the black,
under the radar.
Sensing you with sonar,
suddenly we are very close to you.
Aquaparks want to have me for their purposes,
I am supposed to do many more pirouettes for the guests.
Over the years, the hunter became the hunted.
People did not keep their promises.
Since then, I've been a swimming clown in the circus ring.
This grey wallpaper is always in front of my eyes.
Torment in the glamour world.
Until there is no one left to tell the stories.
Tamed as a magnet for the audience.
The few tricks won't kill you, Tilikum.

Chorus (2x)

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