Do we have the first dolphin for our Dolphin Resort in Morocco?

by firmm Team

On the 10th of September we got quite an unexpected inquiry:
A small, one month-old male baby dolphin had stranded in Marbella and is now being cared for by C.R.E.M.A.(governmental Spanish organization, responsible for stranded marine mammals). At the beginning he was fed with milk that was infused with a probe every two hours, but meanwhile he already eats little pieces of fish. Now it is feared that during the last two months he has been getting too used to humans because he voluntarily has been leaning against the arm of the person feeding him. Therefore the caring biologists and volunteers were thinking of giving the dolphin into the care of our Dolphin Resort.

Left and right: the little common dolphin in the nursing pool of C.R.E.M.A. (pictures: K. Heyer)

Together with Dr. Vladas Martirosas, a specialist from Vancouver who has been researching dolphins in liberty and captivity, we drove to Malaga in the evening on the 11th of September to see the small dolphin. Susanne Stamm, a helper from Switzerland, accompanied us to the C.R.E.M.A. installation. The 3-months old dolphin had grown very fast and despite the traffic noise and dust he seemed to be quite healthy and active. He was swimming around attentively observing what was happening out of the pool. Dr. Martirosas, the biologist Jesus and the volunteers were discussing the chances of returning the dolphin to the sea and Dr. Martirosas recommended a daily water renewal and some noise protection for the pool. When dolphins strand, only few survive; especially young ones die within the first 2-3 days. Together we planned how we might integrate the little one into a family of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) as soon as possible. Now we are excited on how the "Junta de Andalusia", who has the final word, will react and particularly how long we will have to wait for their decision. Dr. Martirosas, Susanne and her husband would accompany the released dolphin for several days if necessary.


from left to right: Dr. Vladas Martirosas, Susanne Stamm, Jesus (biologist of C.R.E.M.A.) (picture: K. Heyer)


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