Between Africa & Europe: The Ocean Love Story

by Passenger

Text and photos: Julie, guest on board on the 29th of August 2014

The moment I landed in Spain in Malaga I could “smell” sunshine and good times ahead. We drove to Tarifa, about 2 hours from the Airport. We took the boat to where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean meet, to look for the Orcas, the dolphins, and the whales. Normally it takes 2 or 3 hours to spot the special Orcas, (or sometimes they just don’t show up) but we were so lucky because within 15 minutes a whole family of 8 surfaced!! How cool, and as we followed them quietly, they continued to do the amazing diving! Oh my, that was super beautiful.

Five orcas Orcas with tanker in the backround Orca family 

It was a bit windy as we were now getting close to the other side of Africa (Morocco) and I felt at home to see Africa. The boat was swinging due to the strong waves that came from the ocean and the water smelled so nice. Since it was a full blue sky day, the water looked like it was silver covered and especially when the sun reflected and it hit back on our white boat. Wow! That was fantastic! The highlight of the day was when the Orcas dived so closely to us showing us their bellies and their beautiful white spots, not forgetting the cute orca baby that always dived after the mother! Oh and did I say they were 9 meters long….damn! Soo huge! The trip was well organized by the famous firmm, a foundation formed by a very beautiful Swiss lady called Katharina more than 15 years ago! And today the foundation is such a huge success! I had the privilege to interact with her and the most amazing thing is, she knows where and when the dolphins and Orcas will show up. I enjoyed my afternoon soo much! Now this is what we call real summer holidays…
I am still smiling…

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